A cloud-based app for storing, organizing, and sharing raw footage.

Upload, label, sort, and swap raw footage from your adventures from everyone who got the perfect shot: START NOW!

Store & Protect

Axe that external drive and store your raw clips in the cloud. Sync your files to your Footage Minion account and they'll be there for you, even if you delete them from your computer or hard drive.

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Say goodbye to file folders. Categorize and view your clips by date, location, or event. Slap custom labels on them to sort by sport, season, or the socks you were wearing in the moment of truth.

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No more swapping hard drives and SD cards. Create projects and invite your friends to share clips. Preview clips online and then download the raw files you need -- uncompressed.

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Tag and Be Tagged

View and download clips that you've been tagged in -- clips you may never have known existed otherwise. Get a really good angle of Joe planking that narwahl in a pink tutu? Tag him in it! He'll be notified on Facebook.

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tailor-made for adventure sports athletes

Cure bar-related footage loss. Forever.

It's a common, yet tragic tale: several buddies show up for a BASE jump, cameras rolling. Something awesome goes down -- a formation wingsuit flight, say. Everyone lands and exchanges high fives, and promises are made to trade footage later. Later comes. Of course, you're all at the bar drowning your good intentions in a river of overpriced beer. No footage is transferred. You're left with your own angles, which inevitably miss out on the one person you love seeing most -- yourself.

With Footage Minion, that problem is solved. Go ahead, hit it hard at the bar -- and then upload your clips on your own time, making sure to tag your friends.

Life improvement for free! (or cheap)

You want free, right? We can do free (for accounts up to 100GB). Invite your friends and each of you get an additional 2GB just for being awesome.
Need more? Natch. Premium accounts are far sexier.

Your videos are secure

FootageMinion isn't gonna lose your videos. They're securely hosted by us on a magical server guarded by battle unicorns. Only you, those tagged in your clips, and those you share with can access your clips.

BASE Goat Says:

  • Footage Minion is perfect for gathering footage for end-of-year videos for your dropzone or BASE crew.
  • Footage Minion also makes it easy to share footage with tandem customers or that stacked coed who wants to make you famous in her documentary.
  • Bleat. Also: I'm a better climber than you, and if they made goat wingsuits I'd smoke your floppy ass.

Woah woah, my freaky beloved BASE and skydiving brethren. Why you no sign up? START NOW!