The 5-Minute Low-Down

  • Create an Account

    Getting started with Footage MInion couldn't be easier. To create an account, just:

    1. Click here (log into your Facebook account if prompted).
    2. Click 'Allow'.

    You're now all set with a free account, and you can start uploading videos. Your free account includes up to 100GB of storage, but you can increase it: either by upgrading to a paid plan, or referring your friends.

  • Make Yourself at Home

    Once you've logged in, be sure to check your recent tags -- you may have already been tagged in a few clips by your friends. Then, head over to your profile to adjust your account preferences.

    If 100GB isn't enough for you, refer some friends for more free space or upgrade to one of our paid plans (details TBD) so you can dump the entire contents of your hard drive into FootageMinion's secure servers.

    Doesn't that feel better? You're, like, ten pounds lighter.

  • Uploading Clips

    Click here to upload clips to your account. Note that you do not need to compress your videos before uploading them. The point of Footage Minion is that you can just plug in and upload raw videos directly from your camera.

    When your upload is complete, click 'Add Details' to give your clip a name, description, date, add labels and tag your friends. Once you've saved your clip, it will be placed in the queue for transcoding, and you'll see your clip in your 'My Clips' area.

    If you're using our Windows or Mac desktop app (coming soon!) to upload files, you'll find them on the 'Upload' page when they are complete. From there, you can add details and tag your friends.

  • Labels

    Free yourself from the rigid structure of file folders. On Footage Minion, you can create as many custom labels as you like and slap them onto your clips for your organizing pleasure. Our label system functions similar to labels in GMail: you can add as many labels as you like to a particular clip and then look them up later by label or textual search.

    In this way, you can easily locate the clips you're looking for with our advanced search and sort features.

    Example: that Wingsuit BASE Jump from the Eiger with Brett Kistler in September, 2012 where you had a 180 and landed in Dog Shit.

  • Friend Tagging

    Have you gotten great video of your friends' crazy antics? Plug in your camera, upload 'em to Footage Minion, and tag your buddies in the clips. Your friends will be informed by a friendly (read: non-annoying) Facebook notification. They'll then see that clip in their recent tags area.

    Note: Footage Minion is, by nature, a sharing app. Anyone tagged in your clips will have the ability to save the clip to their account, add additional friend tags, and download the source file. If you want to keep a particular clip to yourself, simply don't tag anyone in it -- tagging a friend essentially hands them the "keys" to the clip.

Come on, everybody: SIGNUP NOW!